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May 27, 2008

We were woken at 3.30 on Monday morning by what sounded like an enormous, jet propelled street sweeper. Seething, I started composing my angry email to Melbourne City Council in my head. Craig finally responded to my nagging and investigated, reporting back that it was a police helicopter. When ignoring it proved impossible, I got up to have a look. The helicopter seemed to be focussing on our little laneway, and there were uniformed officers everywhere. After fifteen minutes or so, the dogs arrived, sending Rufus and Injera into a panic.

What was the target of this fairly large operation? Who knows. I checked as many online news sources as I could find. Apparently a car chase in Western Sydney ended with road spikes. Thanks, Melbourne Age. Patti Newton had her jewellery stolen (why was she carrying such a lot of glitter in her handbag?). This grabbed online headlines in both metro papers, and was even reported *gasp* on the ABC. No reports at all on a police hunt in North Melbourne.

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