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Caus(ing) annoyance and inconvenience

July 2, 2008

I know this is particularly childish, but as I’m on holidays and have nothing better to do I am seriously considering going to Sydney purely to annoy and inconvenience people.

As if last year’s APEC security hullabaloo wasn’t enough, now ordinary, non-God-fearing Australians in Sydney aren’t allowed to annoy people.  It’s probably just as well that extraterritoriality does not extend to the average person on a working holiday visa in the UK, otherwise Australians in London would probably lose most of their wages in fines for annoying the locals…

Anyway, what constitutes annoyance?

The head of the Rum Corps New South Wales Police Commissioner explains: “These are powers to stop people taking things in … like a paint bomb, all of those sort of things that … certainly you couldn’t take to the football on Saturday.”

What about condoms?

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