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A break from reality

July 9, 2008

This is infuriating in so many ways:

“Some African leaders mentioned that we should bear in mind that Mugabe will retire in a few years. Putting pressure on Zimbabwe, including sanctions, might lead to internal conflict. We should be discreet and careful,” a spokesman for Japan told the paper.

[Tanzania’s President Jakaya] Kikwete said at the G8 summit: “We are saying no party can govern alone in Zimbabwe and therefore the parties have to work together, come out to work together in a government and then look at the future of their country together.”

BBC News

Just. Rendered. Inarticulate.

So, after the break are some things that make me smile despite all of this.


I saw this ages ago, but the New York Times has just run a story on Matt Harding and his videos.  I love people who can take a simple idea and turn it into something so perfect.  The article provides some interesting background on the phenomenon, but just watch the video for a mental-health break.  In high quality mode, if you can.


Linda Sarah has put together the most beautiful WordPress page I have seen.  Travel and Sing makes me want to do both of those things (but only the travel part if can be sure of access to the ‘net so that I can continue to see her work).  Scroll right down to the bottom – just looking at the tag cloud makes me happy.

The New York Times also brought me this: Christoph Neimann‘s “The Boys and the Subway“.  I was so sorry to read that the family has left New York – I can only wonder how the boys reacted to leaving their subway, given their response to the end of the Transit Museum building.  (I am informed by a Google search that Berlin’s U-Bahn is the “oldest largest in Germany” and “one of the most modern subway systems in all of Europe“.

U-Bahn map

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  1. kimberlynlebsock permalink
    July 9, 2008 10:06 am

    I love this video. How cool is this? Thank you for sharing. I would love for you to put this at Please! Thanks again for sharing. It is not to often you actually get something totally out of the brain like this!!
    Loved it

    Kimberlyn Lebsock

  2. August 3, 2008 10:46 am

    Thank you

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