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Top Design – Triathlon

February 24, 2009
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The season of Top Design currently airing on Arena is the second and we are already half-way through.  In the episode “Triathlon of Decorating”, the contestants work individually for the first time and most of them seemed keen to take the opportunity to “showcase” their own style.

My full blerg is at Reality Ravings once again, but I do have a couple of reservations about this show as a whole.

First, there’s no “Omarosa”.  A competitive reality show needs some drama between competitors.  In the first season of The Apprentice, Omarosa alienated not only her opponents, but her team-mates as well, which made for some can’t-look-away television.  Survivor has had its fair share of strategy players (Rich, Lex, Johnny Fairplay) and even created a crossover love-to-hate Amazing Race contestant in Robandamber.  Project Runway has personalities that rub together to create tension and the designers are not shy in giving bitchy interviews about their competitors.  So far, the TD “cast” verges on the very passive side of passive-aggressive.  I’m not suggesting that the producers need to bring the crazy – that has made Hell’s Kitchen unwatchable – but the energy level could be amped up.

Secondly, the challenges return products that are often just variations on a very limited theme.  Masterchef really stretches the contestants and rewards risk.  Runway seems to provide enough air for some truly eccentric design.  I get the feeling that the TD contestants are either chosen because they’ll suit the “house style” of the sponsoring magazine (Elle Decor), or they work hard to fit themselves into an Elle Decor box.

Will I keep watching?  Yes – I’m optimistic that the bland contestants will be the next to go, which will change the dynamic of the group.  If, however, we get to the finale with Natalie, Andrea and Preston fighting for the title of Top Designer, I will feel cheated.

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  1. realityravings permalink
    February 26, 2009 8:55 pm

    I finally watched it I am a bit slack with it now I have handed the Top Design baton to you.
    I differ to you on Ondines chair I thought it was fabulous. I liked the fabric on Nathan’s chair but not the yellow colour.
    I wonder if Kelly goes out dressed like that. I do think she is attractive and I love that she is bold with her choices.
    I think Johnathan Adler has crush on Wisat, he looked wistfully at him as he asked him to sing.
    I love this show it will be very interesting to contrast and compare the channel 9 show.

    • injera permalink*
      February 27, 2009 6:43 am

      Nathan’s yellow on the chair did take it to a place that I wouldn’t necessarily call “appealing”, but it was undeniably bold. I didn’t notice Jonathan’s wistful Wisit-ing, but I do agree that he is nursing a crush! The singing was quite something.

      When does the Nine version start? I’d really rather they just did another series of The Block, but I think I’m alone on that one, which doesn’t really set me up as being a “target demographic”.

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