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March 3, 2009

I often feel a bit guilty when I see from the stats page that somebody has come across this blog from a Google search. Given that none of the search terms that have delivered readers to this page have been variations of “self indulgent ramblings”, it is clear that nobody was specifically hoping to land here. It also makes me a tad self-conscious. I know that people can read this (and I know some people who do), but seeing evidence that searches bring people here and that those people have a (however brief) look around is a strange sensation.

Anyway, after the jump are some of the things unintentional visitors were looking for.


·         an independent panel made up of community leaders

·         the esquire list

·         toyo rice cooker

·         graffiti guy (also graffiti art and graffiti)


·         glow in the dark towels

This is the blog’s most popular search phrase, having brought people here on more than 20 different occasions.  One visitor even used the phrase “buy glow in the dark towels”.  I need an R&D grant – there’s clearly a market for these!


·         gormless guy

I love the word “gormless”, so I am ridiculously pleased with this search.  Having re-read the rant about ads, I realise I used the term “gormless guy” three times in one paragraph.  Perhaps I need to give gormless a rest.  I’m having no luck whatsoever trying to make gorm happen, either.


·         stilnox mix with

A PSA: don’t mix Stilnox with anything.  In fact don’t take Stilnox.


·         injera (also njera bread and njera)

I feel particularly guilty about the searches for “injera” that ended up here.  I named my cat Injera because the breed is Abyssinian and Abyssinia is now Ethiopia and injera is an Ethiopian bread.  This provided a bread link to my previous cat, Bagel.  When establishing this blog, I spared no thought for somebody who may have been trying to track down reliable information on the delicious bready goodness that is injera.  For anybody in the Melbourne inner north or west region, good injera can be found at a number of restaurants, such as Cafe Lalibela and the Blue Nile in Footscray, and The Abyssinian in Kensington, as well as though Sorghum Sisters, a catering venture (pdf menu here).


·         Andrew Symonds solo advert

No idea why someone was searching for this. 


·         breville breadmaker hopeless

This seems like more of a Tweet than a search.


·         ullrich criticises evans (and jan ullrich criticise cadel evans, and cadel evans criticised by jan ullrich)

I’m assuming that somebody was really keen to source a quote or a story on this.  That makes more sense than thinking three different people were researching the Kaiser’s thoughts on Cadel, doesn’t it?


·         breville rice cooker water to rice ratio

Nooooooooooooo!  It doesn’t matter what the ratios are – it’s a Breville so it won’t work properly!


·         “putin rears up”

·         short story prince Caspian

·         zimbabwe november 2008 advocate or petition


·         tiger rice cooker where to buy Melbourne (also tiger rice cooker, tiger rice cooker Melbourne and best rice pot congee maker japan)

I raved about this rice cooker and now I feel bad that somebody else was looking for it and found absolutely no concrete information on where to find one!  If you’re still out there, looking, I can’t give you the name of the shop because it was a fairly unmemorable name, but it’s a big kitchen supplies place on the southern side of the eastern end of Victoria Street, Richmond.  Hope that helps. 

·         pangkor mee

I don’t even know what Pangkor Mee is, but I’m craving some!


·         robbie mcewan


·         christopher hitchens bob carr abc and wasilla is the meth capital of America

Both of these just demonstrate that I obsessed too much about the US election.


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