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Cutler & Co – finally

June 12, 2009

I’ve never heard such a buzz around a restaurant before.  Maybe that’s partly due to the explosion of Twitter, but I think even in the “old” media Cutler & Co has made an splash of unprecedented volume.

A happy coincidence of a day off on the one day a week C&Co opens for lunch meant that this was my first real opportunity to go.  When I made the call to book I had a bit of a wait while the person on the other end of the phone checked to see if we could be fitted in.  On arrival to a completely empty restaurant we laughed about the lengths some people go to in order to present an image of desirability.  “Ho!”, we scoffed, “I guess they managed to s-q-u-e-e-z-e us in!”.  Twenty minutes later, as we surveyed an absolutely packed dining room and a bar that was also beginning to fill up, we were grateful to whatever gastronomic gods had smiled at us for the table.

Thanks to tweeters, bloggers and reviewers, I had already formed some ideas as to what I wanted to eat.  Fortunately, my lunch companion was happy to let me have my selection, and to help the cause of tasting as much as possible by ordering a different entree and main.

We started with the anchovy pastries with a glass of Spanish sparkling.  This appetizer was a must have, combining two of my favourite things in the nicest possible way. I could have eaten a couple of platefuls.  @gemmapritchard1 had added her voice to the chorus singing the praises of the quail entree, so I couldn’t ignore that option.  In my rush to put dibs on that as my choice I didn’t read the menu description very closely, so I had missed that it came with a foie gras parfait-filled pastry (or two).  Wow.  Possibly the nicest gustatory surprise I’ve had!  The scallops with an artichoke soup were also divine, and my LC was kind enough to allow me to re-dip the extra spoon we’d been given, despite my sniffly-ness.

Should we have another drink? Well, reports don’t write themselves, but they tend to take on a rosier hue after a decent lunch and a glass of red so… why not!  Being members of the I don’t know much about wine, but I know what I like, but even then, I can’t ever remember what that is so bear with me while I try to describe it club, we left ourselves in the hands of the waitress who supplied us with a very pleasant red of some description.  This went nicely with the duck breast, confit duck leg and boudin noir that I’d chosen, although I was nearly overwhelmed by the porky smell of the LC’s suckling pig!  Also nearly overwhelmed by the luscious, moist tenderness of the piece she carved off for me. She’s no fan of boudin noir, but I managed to persuade her to try it and she was converted.  Okay, she didn’t fight me for the remainder, but she was able to make appreciative noises and facial expressions as she ate it, and acting’s not her bag when it comes to faking approval of food.

Did we have enough room left for dessert? Well, not really, but after Ed’s rhapsody over the ice-cream sandwich with salted caramel I really had no choice.  We asked for a serve with two spoons and it was lovely to have it plated in halves so that we weren’t running the risk of losing any of it to cutlery clumsiness.

Best. Lunch. Ever. Why has it taken me so long to get there?  It certainly won’t be long before I go back.

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  1. realityravings permalink
    June 12, 2009 8:51 pm

    Wow best lunch ever – that is high praise. The soup and the dessert both sound fantastic.

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