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China – travels with an architect

October 11, 2009

I’m slowly working through the photos.  Digital photography has made life much easier, in some respects – knowing that there won’t be horrendous processing costs for potentially dodgy pics frees you up to snap away.  The downside? Over 200 photos from a two week holiday.

My Picasa account now has sets from Shanghai and Suzhou.  Given that China is a heavily populated country, I was quite surprised by how many shots we have with no people in them.  I was not surprised by how many photographs we have of buildings – that’s par for the course when the travelling companion is an architect and takes possession of the camera.

I will write more about the trip soon when I 1. find a minute and 2. get to a point where I feel I can articulate my thoughts properly.  I am, however, constantly remembering amazing dishes and meals we ate while we were there, so perhaps food might be my starting point (who’d have guessed?!).

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