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Specials, or Menu Fail

November 24, 2009

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“… and can I just run through the specials for today?”

It depends.

It depends on how softly you speak versus how noisy the dining room is. [Tip: try to make yourself heard – it’s not that difficult.  Read the diners.  If they are leaning in towards you, looking pained, raise your voice a tad.]

It depends on whether there’s already a chalkboard with the specials written up. [If there is, don’t recite them – we can read.  Perhaps make sure they are visible to the diners, but don’t bring the board over to the table.]

It depends on whether you can actually remember them without having to go back to check on what they are.

It depends on whether you are prepared to answer the (not unreasonable) question “and how much is that?”.

Oh, and if the restaurant has printed a separate page of the day’s lunch specials don’t distribute it if, at 12.15 on a Monday, the kitchen is already “out of gnocchi”.

1. Fettucine is not an acceptable substitute


2. It’s the beginning of lunch at the beginning of the week so being “out” of one of the week’s lunch specials is, well, special.

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